Beyond The Visible

From the depths of the sea emerges a new natural ingredient, more powerful than we imagined.

Superior Efficacy

Xanthochrome® is a broad spectrum light filtering technology that achieves higher levels of photoprotection, shielding skin from damaging UV-rays and free radicals.

Safe & Sustainable

Scientifically validated as an everyday, eco-friendly powerhouse ingredient for all skin types, compatible with both physical and chemical UV filters.

Works in Harmony

A sea-inspired discovery, Xanthochrome® is clinically proven to blend effortlessly in formulation with other skincare and suncare ingredients to maximize efficacy.

Xanthochrome® is a natural ingredient, inspired by cephalopods, and formulated for everyday skincare.

Sustainable Suncare
The Renewal Shield Photoprotection Sunscreen

Experience premium protection against photoaging and oxidative stress in an innovative, patent-pending formula, powered by Xanthochrome®. Potent antioxidant properties converge to renew, repair, and neutralize a full scope of UV-induced damage.

Anti-Aging Skincare
The Renewal Anti-Aging Serum

The natural, anti-oxidizing power of Xanthochrome® is harnessed in our patent-pending formulation, designed to increase collagen production, enhance skin barrier function, and enable cell regeneration.

From 8 Years of Research:
Camille A. Martin, PhD & Leila Deravi, PhD

Over 8 years of research have been dedicated to isolating, synthesizing, and characterizing marine extracts as safer and more sustainable ingredients for the next wave of photoprotection.

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