The Urgent Need for Innovation in Suncare

1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. In an attempt to prevent this statistical pattern, men and women of every age and across skin types seek sun protection as part of their daily skincare regimen. However, 70% of the available products on the market contain harmful toxins that may lead to other health concerns throughout their lives. What's more, the ones that are formulated safely lack the high-tech potency for long-lasting skincare benefits.

In 2019, we set out on a misison to increase the use of sun protection products by merging the worlds on suncare and skincare with the creation of never-before-seen formulations featuring a new class of biomolecules - inspired by the sea. Designing solutions that are safe for people and sustainable for the environment is our guiding light. Xanthochrome® is our ubiquitous force.

A Discovery Was Born

From The Ocean And For The Ocean

8+ Years in Science
Camille A. Martin, PhD

Camille A. Martin, PhD is the CEO and co-founder of Seaspire, a sea-inspired technology company providing safe and sustainable suncare through the power of Xanthochrome®. Her research journey began at Andrews University, fueled by a desire to blend the worlds of beauty and science. She then went on to receive her PhD in Chemistry at Northeastern University. Today Camille's work is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that are accessible to everyone, without compromising the integrity of our environment.

20+ Years in Science & Technology
Leila Deravi, PhD

Leila Deravi, PhD is the co-founder and scientific advisor of Seaspire, working in partnership with Dr. Martin to leverage a new class of biomolecules that address cosmetic and chronic skin concerns. Leila is an Alabama native where she received her BS in Chemistry, then went on to receive her PhD in Chemistry at Vanderbilt University. By constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible through the evolution of nature and science, Leila hopes to create a future where nature-inspired products will be used as safer and more sustainable solutions for both humans and the environment.

Our Mission

To merge the worlds of suncare and skincare through the boundless inspiration of the sea.

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